Our PCO technology

Our indoor air sanitizing system utilize two semiconductors as catalysts that use photons in the UV range of the solar spectrum as an energy source, generating free radicals that act by oxidizing microorganisms and volatile organic compounds thus cleaning the air.

Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOTs)

The purification system used by Biokker is based on an advanced photo-catalysis process named oxidative included in the so-called AOTs (Advanced Oxidation Technologies), with the capacity to eliminate contaminants in the gas phase using UV energy. This oxidative activity takes place in the sealed reactor inside each device.

Photo-Catalytic Oxidation

Our PCO achieves greater efficiency in the removal of contaminants due to a notorious increase in the surface area of the catalyst material. The result is BIOKKER, the new generation of photo-catalytic oxidation technology.

Technological Comparison

There is a wide range of devices that claim to clean, disinfect, or sterilize the air, from individual units to those that are part of central air conditioning systems, the common factor to all of them is that they are all filtering devices.


We define an organic compound as a chemical substance that contains carbon and is part of every living element. A volatile organic compound, or VOC as its name suggests, easily turns into a gas, and quickly evaporates into the atmosphere.