Biokker is designed as an indoor air treatment for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) whether they are live or inert particles, dissolved in the air in any given area in healthcare environments.

Systems for the healthcare sector

Pathogens removal

Airborne pathogens contagious to humans represent particles smaller than one micron, they are difficult to remove, and make up 99% of the total number of airborne particles. In hospitals, it is important to consider that there is a high population of immunocompromised patients.

The best preventive measure against environmental contamination is to avoid the presence of contaminants in the air and to reduce that concentration to acceptable levels as well as to control these levels.

VOCs elimination

Professionals, especially those in pathology services, must handle formaldehyde (CH2O) and other highly polluting gases. The harmful effects of these gases on the health are multiple depending on the level exposure.

Carbon filters only trap a certain amount of chemicals, and once saturated, toxic VOCs in the air flow freely through them and back into the indoor environment. Biokker does not interfere with the normal work schedule, nor does it emit any by-products, including OZONE.

Common areas and waiting rooms

Most of the microorganisms involved in the transmission of nosocomial diseases by air require a certain proximity between source and receiver. However, many others, such as tuberculosis and diphtheria pathogens, influenza viruses or bacterial and fungal spores, have greater resistance or are transported by dust, reaching long transmission distances. The best measure against cross-contamination is prevention through bio-aerosol removal systems to reach optimum levels of air quality.

Range of BIOKKER products

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Nuestro trabajo es satisfacer las crecientes y crecientes demandas ambientales de múltiples sectores de la sociedad; nuestro propósito es brindar bienestar además de mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas, por eso creamos y ahora fabricamos sistemas de alta gama para el tratamiento inteligente del aire interior.

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Frequently asked questions

No, Biokker devices are not filtration systems, they are contaminant removal devices and therefore they do not have filters.

No, Biokker is respectful with the environment therefore, it does not generate ozone or emits any by-products into the air.

A Biokker unit is very easily installed on the wall or under a suspended ceiling and it does not require additional works or ducts. (Please watch installation and maintenance video)

Biokker products are designed for continuous use 24/7, so it is not necessary to turn them off at any time.

Our devices only require an annual maintenance, which consists of changing the lamps, the small battery, and the anti-dust material.

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