Biokker IND

Device created for the efficient elimination of microorganisms and VOCs from indoor air and to be installed under suspended ceilings in buildings and on any wall in the food industry.

Devices for offices, buildings, and the industrial sector

Indoor Air Quality

Most of our time we spend it inside buildings and especially nowadays we are fully aware of the risk of breathing in a polluted indoor air environment. Today’s society demands higher standards of quality of life, through the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in accordance with the new global regulations related to indoor air quality and sustainability.

Perishables conservation

The deterioration of perishable fresh product due to fungal decomposition, or due to ethylene gas during storage, causes a prompt ripening and physiologically and biochemically alters the product, shortening its useful life, flavour, appearance and quality. Biokker helps to avoid cross-contamination due to bacterial colonization, as well as the presence of moulds and yeasts.

TCA and TeCA removal

Wineries constantly renew the indoor air inside their facilities and sealed areas to prevent both the proliferation of moulds and spores and the concentration of odours and other harmful VOCs such as TCA (trichloroanisole) or TeCA (tetrachloroanisole) that cause the “cork” smell and taste, in addition to maintaining adequate humidity and temperature conditions. Biokker is an essential instrument to achieve the necessary special control and asepsis.

Range of BIOKKER IND products

Biokker IND 20

Biokker IND 20

Biokker INDC 20

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Frequently asked questions

No, Biokker devices are not filtration systems, they are contaminant removal devices and therefore they do not have filters.

No, Biokker is respectful with the environment therefore, it does not generate ozone or emits any by-products into the air.

A Biokker unit is very easily installed on the wall or under a suspended ceiling and it does not require additional works or ducts. (Please watch installation and maintenance video)

Biokker products are designed for continuous use 24/7, so it is not necessary to turn them off at any time.

Our devices only require an annual maintenance, which consists of changing the lamps, the small battery, and the anti-dust material.

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