Biokker Nafás

Biokker Nafás is not simply an “air purifier”, it is a high-end system without filters and provided with an environmental quality sensor, for the effective elimination of airborne pathogens and VOCs, appropriate for small spaces.

Unique filterless air purifier

Wellness and indoor air quality

Biokker Nafás effectively eliminates those substances, particles and chemical compounds present in indoor environments because its mechanism of constant action on all of them is the same: their breaking down and removal, thus fully improving air quality and providing wellness for people by drastically reducing their exposure to bacteria, viruses, spores, allergens and gases present in the environment.

Environmental respiratory infections

The device attracts organic pathogens that cause allergies and asthma, among other serious respiratory conditions, mould spores and airborne VOCs, it slows them down and forces their passage through its reactor, where they are broken down at the molecular level upon contact with the catalyst material inside. This oxidative process is carried out continuously and it is called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).

Small rooms

The Biokker Nafás system is designed for small environments: homes, offices, lifts, etc. It is compact and very easy to install, like all Biokker products, it is simply placed on any wall, without the need for special works or ducts and it requires only one annual maintenance.

Biokker Nafás device

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Frequently asked questions

No, Biokker devices are not filtration systems, they are contaminant removal devices and therefore they do not have filters.

No, Biokker is respectful with the environment therefore, it does not generate ozone or emits any by-products into the air.

A Biokker unit is very easily installed on the wall, and it does not require additional works or ducts.

Biokker products are designed for continuous use 24/7, so it is not necessary to turn them off at any time.

Our devices only require an annual maintenance, which consists of changing the lamps, the small battery, and the anti-dust material.

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