Technologies Comparison

There is a wide range of devices that assure the purification of indoor air. They can be for individual use, or suitable for entire buildings by means of installation in climate and ventilation systems, however they all have something in common, they are filtering devices.

Among the most commonly used we can find: HEPA filters, electrostatic charge filters, carbon filters, elite filters, ozone generators, UV lamps, plates with various charges, plasma equipment, negative/positive ion generators and finally photo-catalytic oxides. Most systems on the market today present documented evidence of particle removal, usually dust, by a limited performance measuring system called CADR, which measures only the removal of dust, pollen and fumes.

Biokker is photo-catalytic oxidation technology, is NOT a filter, it does not trap or store contaminants, it does not use ionic charge technology or plates, the hydroxyl radicals that it generates during the photo-catalysis process remain contained within the device, it does not generate Ozone or emit any sub-product, it uses UV light mainly to energize the catalyst and activate the chemical reaction, it is nano-particle science without risk of lamination, it is easily installed, it does not need special ducts, it is low consumption, ecological and requires only one single annual maintenance.

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