Biokker is installed autonomously in any environment. This particular quality by itself helps its performance due to the independent functioning divided by areas, constantly mixing the already treated clean air with the one that is still untreated, as well as by the forced air system through the existing ducts and the natural movement of the air inside the room.

The introduction of new pollutants to the environment is constant through doors, windows, etc., in addition to the gaseous chemical products generated internally and to the organic matter transported by people, therefore the air processing must be done continuously always.

The Biokker effect also involves the adjacent zones because the air diffuses through nearby areas, especially if they are interconnected by climate ducts. The elimination of pollutants is achieved by forcing the passage of air through the photo-catalytic reactor of the device, where the chemical reaction takes place. The combination of pure and contaminated air is repeated continuously and uninterruptedly, resulting in the reduction of suspended solid particles and the elimination of gaseous contamination in the entire space. The key to the maximum efficiency of the Biokker system is a continuous operation and its exceptional and high capacity for the elimination of microorganisms in a single pass.

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